Meet Our Pittsburgh Ambassadors!

Ralph + Charlie

golden retrievers

"Ralph + Charlie are golden retrievers from the same mom and dad, just different litters. Yinzer pups from Pittsburgh. We love anything that involves water and tagging along with mom to breweries."


golden retriever

"Luna is a 10 month old golden retriever. she was born in Central OH but has always called Pittsburgh her home! Luna is super lovable and cuddly. She loves frozen carrots and peanut butter. Her favorite activities are neighborhood walks and going to the park. Nicknames include Lu, Looney Toons, and Gator because of her puppy teeth days! We love the fit and feel of Goldeun Aussie Co. bandanas!"


boxer / pitbull mix

"Tinley is 1 year old and was born in Alabama. She was adopted at 11 weeks old and now lives in Pittsburgh! Tinley loves to run around and act silly - if she could live outside, she absolutely would. That said, she never says no to a nap with her parents! Her favorite toys are her lamby, loofah dog, and balls. Our favorite thing about Golden Aussie Co. is all the stylish Pittsburgh apparel (for both dogs & humans) so we can rep our favorite city!"

Forest + Wilbur

bernese mountain dogs

"Hi! We are Forest + Wilbur, two bernese mountain dog brothers from Pittsburgh, PA! We are very close and love being together all the time. We love going on daily walks with our pawrents and out exploring dog friendly places, as well as getting together with out group, Berners of Pittsburgh. We also have a Morkie brother named Bosko who rules the house (& us!). We are big fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers and morning cuddles!"


boxer / border collie mix

"Dopper was rescued from the shelter on June 5, 2021 and he has been the happiest boy ever since! He loves making people smile more than anything - he just loves everyone so much! In his spare time, he loves napping, eating treatos, playing with his stuffed animals, and running around with other dog friends! And, of course, looking great in his bandanas!"


golden retriever

"Archie is 2 years old. He is full of energy and loves playing with his other golden friends. His favorite thing to do is pick up stones and sticks and go on car rides. He loves hoomans just as much as he loves other doggos."



"My name is Adelaide but I go by Addie. I'm an 8 month old beagle mix pup! I was found in a kill shelter in Kentucky at 3 months old by Cross Your Paws Rescue and my human foster failed giving me the best puppy life in Pittsburgh, PA! I love playing with toys, going on sniffaris, meeting other doggos, and going in the car to get a puppicino! I'm so honored to join Golden Aussie Co. ambassadors!"

Finley + Molly

golden retrievers

"Finley + Molly are very friendly and energetic golden retrievers living in Pittsburgh, PA. They love playing tug of war, chasing each other around the yard, and napping. They both love cuddling and will do almost anything for cheese! They haven't met a human or animal that they don't love!"


golden retriever

"I'm Captain and I'm a 3 year old golden retriever from Wexford, PA! I love to travel with my parents, swim, and play with my friends from @goldenretrieversocialpgh. I have been an ambassador for Golden Aussie Co. for a year and absolutely love their bandanas! I always get lots of compliments when I wear anything from then! I'm so happy to be able to support and represent a local Pittsburgh company!


american Staffordshire terrier mix

"Most people call me the goodest boy or Rudy Doo. I'm a gentle giant who loves to cuddle. I was adopted just outside of Washington DC in 2020, it was the best day ever! I don't take long to warm up to people or other dogs. I'm quite the social butterfly. I will never say no to a treat, squeaky toy, or butt scratch. My favorite place is the park or the coffee drive thru because they always give me treats. You can find me sleeping in my parents bed, even though I have 2 beds of my own, for 80% of the day but don't get it twisted I love to play tug and fetch...although still working on the 'drop it' part. My favorite place in Pittsburgh is the North Shore because it's the best place for long walks. I love being able to trot along the water."

Sydney + Allie

golden retrievers

"We're golden sisters from Pittsburgh who love being outside and doing anything from hitting breweries and dog friendly spots with mom to swimming and hiking! Our favorite things are cuddles, pets, and treatos! We love to support small businesses and express creativity through wearing bandanas and bows."


golden retriever

"Colt is a 9 month old golden from Pittsburgh! He's definitely a class clown and loves to entertain! You can catch him doing some of his favorite things like playing with his golden friends, walking with mom, or playing in the stream at camp! He is excited to be repping Pittsburgh as a Golden Aussie Co. ambassador!"

Boomer + Penny

golden retrievers

"Boomer + Penny live with their pawrents near Pittsburgh, PA. Boomer was bornand raised in WV like his hoomans and loves the beach, swimming, and being the center of attention. Penny was brought home while living in NC right before the world shut down and provided so much comfort and joy during a stressful time. She loves hiking, food, and cuddling the most. So excited to join the Golden Aussie Co . fam!"


australian shepherd

"Poppy is a 1 year old blue merle aussie. She loves to explore new places around Pittsburgh with her mom and dad especially if it's somewhere she can hike. She loves to play fetch and meet new friends!"


golden retriever

"Stanley is 2 years old and lives in the burgh with his mom + dad! He LOVES swimming, chewing on sticks, going on car rides, and exploring new places. His favorite toy is his tennis ball launcher! His favorite foods are ice cream and watermelon!"

Max, Midge, + Maverick

Max - bernese mountain dog
Midge - great bernese
Maverick - golden mountain dog

"We love taking our pups on great adventures....hiking, brewerys, winerys, you know the fun stuff."


golden retriever

"Woolly is a 2 year old golden retriever. He lives in Pittsburgh with his humans and he loves his black and yellow sports team. He is so excited to be a part of the Golden Aussie Co. team!"

Scout, Stryker, + Sawyer

Scout - golden retriever
Stryker - german shepherd
Sawyer - dalmation


golden retriever

"Zeke is a 3 year old golden retriever. He is getting better at the whole 'retriever' thing...unless it;s a fly ball. Then he totally loses track of it. He loves chewing sticks, playing with friends, and eating lots of cheese and pepperoni. You can either find him running around like crazy or taking a long nap. There is no in between!"


mini bernedoodle

"Leo loves everyone he meets! He loves to run and play. He would do anything for cheese and he loves a good chest scratch."


golden retriever

"Bailey is the swertest dog who loves to go on adventures! She loves hiking in the woods and playing in water. When she is home, she loves to look out the window at all of the squirrels and birds in her yard! She also loves to snuggle on the couch with her mom and dad! Also, she hasn't met another dog that she doesn't love!"


golden retriever

"We are born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA so we bleed black & yellow! Beau is a 2.5 year old golden retriever who loves to swim, play ball, and get head rubs. He is great at dock diving and loves boating. We love supporting Golden Aussie Co. becuase they are a local small business with the cutest bandanas that are so stylish!!"


golden retriever

"Piper is a golden retriever living her best life in Pittsburgh, PA! Her favorite activities include swimming, cuddling her humans, and eating ice cream. She is always down for a new adventure, especially when it involves meeting new doggie friends!"